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Fighting cataract blindness in developing countries

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Our mission

The Third Eye Project works to deliver high quality eye care to remote areas of developing countries. Our medical team travels to those distant villages and organizes eye camps there. We believe that by cooperation with local medical institutions and authorities it is possible to reach these patients who usually do not have access to medical services. The goals of our mission are:

Tonometry being performed with the Keeler Intellipuff Tonometer (Western Sahara)

  • providing an opportunity of training for local medical staff

  • cooperation with local medical institutions and NGOs

  • detecting eye diseases and provide appropriate treatment or referral

  • providing education about eye care and increase awareness of eye diseases in local communities

  • screening for cataracts and providing surgical treatment with good outcome

B-Scan being performed with the Sonomed AB5500+ E-Z Scan (Western Sahara)


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